I crash landed into graphic design when I was already in college studying interior design and was introduced to the power good design possesses to influence or help an audience. The world needs more thoughtful and intentional design, my specialty. We experience design in nearly everything we see and touch throughout our day, so it should add beauty and function to our lives. From designing better templates for other people to be able to do their job more effectively, or making a graphic that provides what would take an entire paragraph of text to explain, I see design beyond getting the project done, it’s a way to make everyone’s lives a little better.

My other two creative passions are videography and photography. I bought my first DSLR when I was fourteen years old and have hung on to that camera and my late grandfather’s 35mm Mamiya throughout the years. I love transforming raw footage into a cohesive story that shares knowledge and educates users for years to come. Videos are little time capsules that I get the chance to package up every time I capture someone’s story or perspective. My photography style is true to life. People should look how they look in real life but I’m able to help my subjects look their best naturally utilizing light sources and posing.

Strong concepts are what drives my work. I try to leave no stone unturned or path untaken. I’m always learning and striving to be a better designer through any means possible. I’ve had the great pleasure in meeting and being inspired by renowned designers such as Milton Glaser, Debbie Millman, and Matteo Bologna. While following the work of Ellen Lupton, Jessica Walsh, David Carson, Stefan Sagmeister, and my favorite figure in Art Nouveau; Alphonse Mucha.

When I’m not designing or learning a new technique, you could probably find me watching reruns of MadMen, enjoying D.C., reading a novel, or hanging out with my roommates in our tiny kitchen.
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